I am open for FREE Portrait requests

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I am open for FREE Portrait requests

Mensagempor joeclark » 24 Out 2017, 07:48

Hi everyone !

As mentioned in the title : I am open for free portrait requests !

Here are the rules:
- I am only open for PORTRAITS requests (and nothing else) : send me a private message with one picture of your face
- You can send several pictures, but please let me know which one I should take as model.
- As I have no idea of the amount of pictures I will get, please be aware that I am only going to pick up SOME pictures : the ones looking more interesting (good lighting, better resolution, etc.)
- I will spend maximum ONE hour on each portrait, so if you consider the quality is not good enough, sorry in advance...
- If you are chosen to be drawned, I still keep the rights on the finished picture. On your side, you are free to use the finished picture the way you want, even for commercial purposes, as long as I get credit for it
- By sending me your picture, you allow me to use it next to the finished drawing (and only for that purpose) on my galleries (it can be DeviantArt and/or other websites). Of course no personal data (names nor email address) are going to be mentioned, only your picture, next to the drawing.

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